The Rediscovered: Xtreme Measures

Xtreme Measures


Untouchably Radical Australian Fusion

The Australian quartet of guitarist Nick Carr, drummer Daniel Luttick, bassist Dean Gaudoin and keyboardist Gianni D'Ambra have released their debut, self-titled release Xtreme Measures. An intense and potent blending of contemporary rock with the complexities of jazz, the instrumental work is rife with scorching fusion lines, courtesy of Carr. Each instrumentalist gets a lot of space on the CD to show their individual talents, thus creating an even broader base of potential fans for the release. All tracks are original, and fans of the heavy fusion found on this site will really enjoy Xtreme Measures, due to its 'xcellent' musicianship, 'xpansive' creativity, 'xciting' percussion and 'xpressive' guitar 'xcursions'. As they say in their promotional materials, this music is not for the faint-hearted, carving a new pathway for Australian musical talent. Xtreme Measures were originally profiled in the April-May, 2005 edition of The Undiscovered.


Guitarist Nick Carr has been forming a reputation among his fellow musicians as one who is never afraid to continue to push the boundaries. Nick's interest in music became obvious as a young child and his first formal lessons were on the violin at the age of 10. He made rapid progress, however at the age of 12, Nick started guitar lessons, and within a few years the guitar became his main instrument. Since then, Nick hasn't looked back, and has studied with some of Australia's best guitarists, most notably Gary Stafford, Mario Lattuada and Rob Bratetich. He has traveled around Australia with original artists, most notably Australian country music sensation Sovereign. In recent years, Nick has based himself in Japan, the fusion capital of the world, where his reputation is ever growing.

Their debut album promises to bring national and international recognition to the members of Xtreme Measures.

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