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Wickedly Raw Blues Unleashed

Alive And Unleashed will probably blow away most fans of muscular, electric blues. A double live CD from the Stoney Curtis Band (featuring Curtis on guitar and vocals, Charles Glover on drums and Colby Smith on bass), this recording includes twenty-two blues tracks that rock with heart, soul and balls galore. Reminiscent of some of Robin Trower's work, Curtis is on fire here, from the opening six minute plus instrumental "Mulholland Shuffle" through the closing number "Precious Lady". His improvisations are drenched in wah-wah and a number of 'psychedelic' effects, and always drive home the fact that this cat can play. A Stoney Curtis live show must be a real experience, but if you don't think you'll be in the Southern California area, see if you can snag a copy of Alive And Unleashed - wickedly raw blues at its finest. The Stoney Curtis Band was originally profiled in the December-January, 2002 edition of The Undiscovered.


Stoney started playing the guitar at around age 12, trying to copy his favorite band - KISS of all things. He took a few lessons in between White Sox baseball games and started playing in clubs in Chicago at around age 15. Mostly though he taught himself, playing as he felt. The defining moment in his life was when he saw B.B. King at the Chicago Blues Festival. He decided at that moment that blues was in his bones. Eventually moving to Los Angeles, Curtis started the Stoney Curtis Band in 1994 with Charlie Glover on drums and a couple of other guys. The early version of the band played mostly blues covers in the San Fernando Valley and West L.A. For a while they had a keyboardist with a big voice, but soon cut it back to a "power trio" with Curtis doing the singing.

Stoney and the band are currently working on the follow up CD to Alive And Unleashed.

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