The Rediscovered: Steve Woolverton

Steve Woolverton


Relentless French Progressive Metal

Envisioning great tunes with melodic but ripping guitar solos, producer/guitarist Steve Woolverton put together Guitar Farm, an almost all instrumental, stylistically diverse tribute CD with players from the Northern California triangle (from Sacramento to San Jose to Santa Rosa). In addition to Woolverton on virtually every track, players featured include Steve Morse, Jeff Watson, Brad Gillis, Mark McGee, Stef Burns and Mike Varney, to name a few. "Ferrets" features Morse, Varney, Watson, Woolverton, Kenny Serrano and Rich Bandoni and could be the seminal track on the CD, with a heavy rock feel, blazing solos with a multitude of tones, and an in-your-face attitude. Pat Thrall and Dave Meniketti spice up another highlight, "Barn Dance", a dynamic piece that offers 100% of the recommended daily allowance of guitar fury. Great idea - great execution. Steve Woolverton was originally profiled in the June-July, 2005 edition of The Undiscovered.


Steve Woolverton has been playing guitar for 20 years, and has done a great amount of studio and soundtrack work, as well as playing live. He is a summer graduate of GIT (now MI, Musician's Institute) in Hollywood, California. Steve's dream for Guitar Farm began in 2001, when he contacted the initial group of players and got the ball rolling. In retrospect, he now considers the idea of putting together the tribute a risky move at a time when the music industry was not guitar friendly. Completing the project took four years due to financial constraints and scheduling, as well as a lack of industry backing.

Woolverton now hopes to have the opportunity to take Guitar Farm live, showcasing the best of these musicians. He is currently working on "Guitar Farm 2", lining up more incredible musicians for the sequel.

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