The Rediscovered: Scott Stenten

Scott Stenten


Unusual, Double-Necked Technique

Playing both necks of a double necked, 17-string custom guitar at the same time, Scott Stenten definitely sets himself apart from all other musicians in the instrumental jazz market. His CD-R, Meditation, was recorded with no overdubs or edits, and listening to the thirteen covers and original tracks, one can't avoid that same feeling that arose when hearing Stanley Jordan for the first time. Using this type of guitar, Stenten is able to easily indulge in sophisticated polyrhythms and harmonic movement. He is also able to create drum loops by tapping the top, back and sides of his DoubleGuitar and sampling it with a Boomerang Phrase Sampler. Clearly, Stenten is onto something here - his choice of instrument immediately grabs your attention and his technique and musical sensibilities will turn you into a rabid fan. At least, that's the plan - and it's a good one! Scott Stenten was originally profiled in the October-November, 2004 edition of The Undiscovered.


Scott was born and raised in Middleton Wisconsin. He began playing piano and guitar at a young age. Throughout the early '90s, he led several original rock bands in his spare time. He developed his own unique approach to playing guitar by tapping, strumming, and plucking the strings on the neck of the guitar. In 1993 Stenten started playing what would be the first of three custom made double necked guitars. Stenten's sound evolved with a pianistic flavor that came from playing the harmony with a chord with his left hand, on one neck of the guitar, while at the same time improvising melodies with his right hand, on the other neck. Stenten has performed throughout Chicago and opened concerts for a variety of artists including Charlie Hunter, Carly Simon, Jewel, Steven Stills, and Michael Franks. Stenten was hired to lead a jazz quartet at Chicago's Navy Pier. For three years the group performed four to six days a week. His originality has made him a much in demand solo and group guitar player.

Stenten moved to New York City in 2003 where he continues to perform, record, teach and study music.

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