The Rediscovered: Roar Vangen

Roar Vangen


Incredible Acoustic Guitarist

Roar Vangen is a simply amazing player from Norway, who incorporates Norwegian folk music (and music from other parts of the world) into his original compositions on his new CD, Streng. Comparisons to players such as Adrian Legg and Knut Reiersrud could be made, but Vangen's style is altogether unique, and his compositional approach also sets him apart. He further orchestrates his work using players such as Brazilian percussionist Celio De Carvallho, Norwegian flute player Finn Evensen and fiddle player Magne Askeland. Vangen uses an unusual tuning (CGCGCE), and combines a Roland VG-88 with his acoustic guitar for a bigger sound. It's not hard to hear Vangen's 40 years of experience taking root in the music of Streng, a must-hear for anyone who enjoys acoustic music with multi-ethnic influences. Roar Vangen was originally profiled in the December-January, 2004 edition of The Undiscovered.


There are only two guitar players in Norway who are able to play like this: Knut Reiersrud and Roar Vangen." This is what the famous Norwegian professor of keyboard Bjorn Ole Rasch uttered when he first heard Roar play. With Streng, Roar's desire was to show that it's possible to make new, exciting and immediate instrumental music, inspired by Norwegian folk music. His sound is inspired by the Norwegian "hardanger fiddle" (which has drone strings) and the Norwegian "langeleik", which is similar to a dulcimer.

There is a long and multifaceted history behind Vangen's new CD, which is based on many years of experience with various musical genres. By combining elements from these genres and folk music from many parts of the world, he has created his very own musical expression!

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