The Rediscovered: Parallaxe



Relentless French Progressive Metal

Combining the best elements of bands such as Planet X, Dream Theater and Liquid Tension Experiment are the four members of the French progressive metal group Parallaxe. They submitted a six song, all instrumental demo CD-R with not a song under six minutes (the amazing "Indian" clocks in at over 17 minutes), and the solo tag team of Alex Andrini (guitar) and Matthieu Huck (keyboards) provide plenty of thrills as they jack up the intensity with their individual flights of fancy. Andrini is influenced by guitarists such as Steve Vai, John Petrucci, Ron Thal and Nuno Bettencourt, and he has taken all and rolled them into his personal style. Bassist Bea Amani and drummer Bruno Fellonneau round out the quartet, who are going to set some ears on fire once their full-length CD is realized. Parallaxe were originally profiled in the February-March, 2005 edition of The Undiscovered.


From the very beginning Parallaxe dedicated themselves to the process of creation and production of their six-track demo. The four musicians share the same vision for the music, and naturally find their compositions leaning to an instrumental progressive style. They have already been featured in numerous publications and had their demo reviewed on many web zines. Guitarist Andrini spent eight years teaching himself to play guitar, then spent two years at C.I.A.M (Bordeaux). He has been a guitarist in several rock bands over the years, and is currently working as a guitar teacher. Bassist Amani was also self-taught for seven years before joining various rock bands, and taking private lessons for two years with Jean-Louis Bisiacco (C.I.A.M).

Andrini and the band are currently working on new material for a new, full-length CD, and are still looking for a label.

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