The Rediscovered: Mark Protze

Mark Protze


Settling The Score... With Metal

Counting influences such as Vinnie Moore, Randy Rhoads, Yngwie Malmsteen and Joe Stump, German guitarist Mark Protze submitted his latest CD-R release, Revenge Of... Strongly neo-classical and metal driven, the four instrumental tracks positively scream for vengeance, feature solid production, and are rife with well-crafted guitar solos. Protze has his technique down cold; one listen to tracks such as "Boogie Of Madness", "Suite No. 1", or the opening title track will lead to massive fist-pounding and head-thrashing (and a shoulder separation, if you're not careful!) Protze can deliver those awesome pedal tone licks like his idols Malmsteen and Stump, peppering his solos with numerous examples of stunning melodic lines. Aggressive rhythms in a kind of 'Rising Force meets Iron Maiden' style cement the connection between Protze's music and those that have gone before. Neo-classical fans have another shredder to keep an eye on for the future. Mark Protze was originally profiled in the June-July, 2004 edition of The Undiscovered.


Mark began playing guitar at the age of 13, taking some guitar lessons in Wolfsburg, then studying at the Jazz & Rock school in Freiburg, taking his final exams in 2003. Over the years he has played with many musicians in a variety of styles: rock, fusion, funk and swing, to name a few. Mark has released a number of instrumental CDs, including "Chapter I" (1998), "Opic" (2001) and "B.G.H." (2003). In addition to contributing guitar to a number of other pop and rock recordings, he took part in the musical "Soulgetter Goalgetter" on tour in Freiburg and Schweiz. This year, Mark joined the funk band Sunny Manzanas, who played at the Stimmenfestival in Lorrach to support "Jamiroquai".

With Revenge Of... Protze is looking for a label which will be able to release the new material.

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