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Ready To Explode

Imagine a kind of Dixie Dregs vibe blended with some Allman Brothers - that would be a good starting point to getting into the fusion put out by New York's Mantra, on their debut, self-titled, instrumental CD. That's only a part of their sound however, as they also incorporate deeper jazz influences, funk, and Metheny-esque sounds into their music, as can be heard on tracks such as "Dark Matter", "Groove Tube" and "Salida Del Sol". They've been described as creating, "Some of the most grooving and sophisticated music on today's scene," and anyone would be hard pressed to turn that into a dispute. Guitarist Michael Roberts is an ultra-tasty axe wielder who offers much in the way of originality and promise. Here's hoping their first CD is a portent of even better things to come. Mantra were originally profiled in the December-January, 2006 edition of The Undiscovered.


Now, in their fourth year, Mantra is an up and coming jazz/rock group that is about to explode onto the music scene. Mantra, featuring Michael Roberts (guitar), Alex Magor (keyboards), Evan Joyce (Bass), and Erik Egol (drums), serve up an eclectic mix of sounds, from slamming funk to progressive metal, classical inspired arrangements, and sizzling up-tempo jazz-fusion. The group's founder and guitarist Michael Roberts is an undiscovered virtuoso with over 20 years of playing experience. Michael is classically trained, with a BA in music education, and a NY state teaching certification. He teaches music as well as performs as a session musician. Michael has a passion for all forms of music from jazz to renaissance, rock/blues, and world music and beyond. A culmination of musical knowledge, experience, a passion for what's new and unique, and the drive for musical perfection have led Michael to create Mantra, a band with no boundaries or borders.

Mantra are currently performing their music in front of live audiences, and are seeking a record deal.

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