The Rediscovered: Karl Bourdin

Karl Bourdin


Furiously Fast French Guitarist Seeks Producer/Sponsor

From Paris, France comes the ripping guitar of Karl Bourdin, who has been circulating his latest five song instrumental demo cassette, entitled Result Of Dysfunction. The tape features fast tempo hard rock and metal-inflected material with an array of high-tech guitar techniques flying off the fleet fingers of this fiery Frenchman. Bourdin is quite adept at sweep picking and blazing legato runs, evoking Shrapnel-era Joey Tafolla at times. He favors the use of harmony guitar parts as well, double tracking much of the melodic parts with high-speed counterpoint. No doubt, a highly talented player who is still refining his multiple musical skills, the world is yet to hear the last of Karl Bourdin. Bourdin was originally profiled in the December-January, 1998 edition of The Undiscovered.


Essentially self taught, Karl started playing guitar at age fourteen. He lists among his major influences noted six-stringers such as Steve Vai, Ron Thal, Fear Factory and Meshuggah. After playing is several Parisian bands, Karl now plays with Filth, with whom he has released two demos, "Anywhere Out Of This World" in 1992 and "Only Life Decides" in 1995. His first instrumental demo was called "Fact And Fiction". Karl participated in the international music fair in June of 1995 for the ESP guitar company.

Bourdin continues to record his original material in demo form and would love to find a producer or sponsor to fund additional recordings.

Contact Information

Karl Bourdin
106, rue Lepic
75018 Paris