The Rediscovered: Kaos Krew

Kaos Krew


Ripping Hard Rock From Finland

Kaos Krew is a trio of hard rockers from Finland who recently released Under Destruction, a ripping collection of mostly instrumental, heavy hard rockers. Two guitarists ensure the six-string fury never lets up - Goran Fellman (lead guitars) and Uffe Skog (guitars, keyboards) - while bassist Tomas Ost holds down the low end over the programmed grooves (which are much higher quality than you might imagine). This album features an unusual blend of contemporary guitar playing melded with nu millennial soundscapes - alternating searing metal/rock soloing with lyrical synth beds and surreal rhythms. Under Destruction is the group's first record together as a trio; they mentioned their hope to add more vocal tunes in the future, so we got one question - why?!? Kaos Krew were originally profiled in the August-September, 2005 edition of The Undiscovered.


Guitarist Goran Fellman played with the band Stormwing in the '90s - typical melodic rock - while guitarist Uffe Skog lists his influences as Jeff Beck and Joe Satriani, as well as bands such as Clawfinger and Rammstein. Bassist Tomas Ost played with the group Wild Force. Kaos Krew plans to continue to write music, putting more effort into writing lyrics (see 'why' question above). Their album, Under Destruction, was well received in Finland, and even was voted CD of the week at Radio X3M, receiving airtime. Some European record companies have shown interest in Kaos Krew, but they have not signed any contracts to this point.

Kaos Krew are currently in the studio, recording new songs for their next CD.

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