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Johnny Asia


Guitarist From The Future

Guitarist From The Future is a collection of seven instrumental tracks that was marketed on CD-R by, featuring the unique music and style of Johnny Asia. Asia's forte is a unique style based upon using a flatpick on steel-string acoustic guitar, along with an aggressive right hand. The improvisations contained on Guitarist From The Future find Asia exploring the bounty of the meditative grooves he chooses to frame each work, and judicious use of a delay device only adds to the wall-of-sound effect. Asia allows ample time for each piece to develop--"Dance Of The Fairy Princess" clocks in at over eighteen minutes, and many of the other jams exceed the six-minute mark. Discerning listeners who appreciate the spiritual nature of a righteous guitarist need to check out what Johnny Asia has to offer. Asia was originally profiled in the August-September, 1999 edition of The Undiscovered.


Johnny has played many venues in and around New York and New England, including the Knitting Factory and Weill Recital Hall in NYC and several live radio concerts on stations WPKN 89.5 FM in Bridgeport, CT and WDST 100.1 FM in Woodstock, NY. He is currently involved in a collaboration with flamenco guitarist Jeff Armstrong--they have performed together as a duo throughout the Hudson Valley of New York. A CD of their guitar music will be released sometime during the year 2000. Johnny and Jeff recently performed at the Pauline Oliveros Foundation's Deep Listening Space in Kingston, NY. Johnny also works with jazz/new music greats Joe McPhee and Joe Giardulo. Upcoming projects with Joe McPhee are in the works.

Asia has begun collaborating with vocalist and songwriter Sylvia Bullett and a CD is planned for release in the year 2000.

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