The Rediscovered: George Kovac

George Kovac


Displaying Jacked-Up Intensity

Take a skater/skier/diver with a fondness for high-energy, extreme sports-style music and put him into a studio with a guitar and you might get a CD similar to Leashed Chaos. New York's George Kovac serves up nine instrumental tracks which alternate between a display of jacked-up intensity ("Spider Bite", "Funky Fingers") and moments of dense, gut-wrenching, fluid guitar work ("Midnight Breeze", "Delicate Savage"). Featuring Kovac's crunchy six-string work, he handles all the remaining instrumentation himself - a a self-described "single man path". Fans of shred and hard rock guitar playing will warm up to Leashed Chaos immediately. The 1998 release is Kovac's third, following 1996's "The Rock" and 1997's "The Mellow". George Kovac was originally profiled in the August-September, 2000 edition of The Undiscovered.


George started playing at the age of 6, started his first band at 13, and was playing in numerous punk-rock and pop bands at 16. In his twenties, he joined jazz/funky bands to get more into the music. George later founded a small company to build guitar pedals and amps. He moved to the United States a few years ago and eventually established his own production studio, which occupies a great deal of his time. George also builds his own amps and creates his own MIDI editors.

Kovac is currently working on his fourth piece of music - a dynamic funky/jazz/guitar-gizmo-chaos-thing. Stay tuned.

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