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Freewind is a trio from France who are currently circulating an 8 song demo CD-R entitled Ethereal. Featuring the guitar work of Laurent Maillot, along with brother Olivier Maillot (drums) and Julien Lancelot (keyboards), the all instrumental tracks range from rock to almost new age in their approach - sensitivity and grace taking precedence over power or aggression. The opening track, "Believin'", is intended as the single, and features the guitarist delivering harmonic melodic lines and two-handed elements in order to express the emotion of the piece. The other seven tracks, from "Blownaway" to "Neila", represent an analogy between the life of a person and the history of humanity. Every piece is a single thought on different themes of life (birth, time, dreams) in an interrelationship with man's evolution - Freewind is the thinking man's instrumental trio. Freewind were originally profiled in the April-May, 2001 edition of The Undiscovered.


Freewind was formed at the end of 1998 in parallel with guitarist Laurent Maillot's studies, who, at the time, considered a professional musical career. After recording some cover material (mainly Joe Satriani), Freewind began to compose their first recordings. The idea to make an album emerged. at the beginning of 1999, so the group decided to abandon all extra-musical activities (beginning in 2000) to fully dedicate themselves to their first album, Ethereal. To achieve their objective, Freewind invested in a home studio in order to get a product ready to be merchandised.

Now that Freewind has finished the recordings comprising Ethereal, the group plans to mix and master the album in a good professional studio, merchandise it, and go on tour. The band is currently looking for a producer who can invest some money in their project.

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