The Rediscovered: Drew Barrett

Drew Barrett


Powerful Rhythms, Sweeping Guitars

The Strolling Minstrel starts off with a real misdirection. The cover of the new CD from New York native Drew Barrett pictures the singer/songwriter, producer/engineer with an acoustic guitar, and then the CD opens with a fuzzed-out, heavily flanged rhythm track with an equally overdriven solo passage. While more a vocal record than a guitar dominated lickfest, this may be more due to Barrett's great vocals. His sister Corinne Barrett contributes backup and some lead vocals as well, and the talent obviously runs in the family--she has a gorgeous, expressive voice. What a team! Barrett uses his acoustic guitar to support and deliver the infectious, edgy hooks of his honestly memorable rock/pop. The buzz should form quickly for Barrett if he continues to produce excellent material such as can be experienced today on The Strolling Minstrel. Barrett was originally profiled in the December-January, 1999 edition of The Undiscovered.


Drew has been writing, recording and performing music for over ten years. He begin his music career fronting the hard rock band Barakade. Barakade released a full length CD, "Volume 1", in 1995 on Magellan Records, with all 12 songs on the CD being co-written by Drew. Several songs from the CD went into heavy rotation on many college and commercial radio stations in the USA. Since the band's breakup in 1997, Drew has been working on the tracks for The Strolling Minstrel.

Barrett plans to continue seeking exposure, publicity and airplay of any kind to aid him to compete with the giants that control most of the music industry.

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