The Rediscovered: Danny Blitz

Danny Blitz


Rockin' Tinsel Town With Furious Energy

For a great listening experience, check out Danny Blitz' new CD Hollywood. Filled top to bottom with super high energy retro rock delivered with a punk attitude, clever lyrics, and even something you might not typically hear with this style of music - guitar solos. The centerpiece of the CD is simply a great idea for a song, "If Ozzy Was My Dad (That Would Rock)" - inspired by the hit television series. The producers of the show were so impressed with the track, that it has been licensed to air with the new season of "The Osbournes". Tracks such as "The Supermodel Blues", "To Be Alone" and the title track are more examples of the absolutely infectious nature of Blitz' songwriting and guitar playing - this music will stick in your head for a long time after just a couple of listens. Blitz handles the lead guitar duties (including the cool Randy Rhoads-like licks on "If Ozzy..."), as well as lead vocals, while Scott May churns out a seriously heavy, rhythm guitar chunk. These guys are headed rapidly towards 'household name' status. Danny Blitz was originally profiled in the December-January, 2002 edition of The Undiscovered.


Born in Houston, Texas, Danny began developing his trademark sound as a youngster playing Buddy Holly with loud distorted guitar. After leaving home to travel the country, with stops in Nashville, New York and Washington D.C., Blitz settled in Los Angeles. His virtuoso guitar playing, quirky sense of humor, and powerful songs quickly earned the loyalty of the fans, and the band has become one of the hottest acts on the Sunset Strip. Danny has been profiled twice in the Los Angeles Times since 2000, as well as many other regional and national magazines.

Blitz and band plan on being heard in a few million living rooms across America in the near future, and they continue to gig regularly, especially on the West Coast.

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