The Rediscovered: Dan Brown Jr.

Dan Brown Jr.


Instrumental Rocker Finds Niche

No, not "The Da Vinci Code's" Dan Brown - this Brown is an instrumental rock guitarist from the St. Louis area who has released his debut CD, entitled The Awakening. Packed with nine driving tracks geared towards the Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson and Gary Hoey enthusiast, Brown lets it rip, peppering his original melodies with high-octane soloing based on tight, propulsive musical chops honed in the many groups he has been a part of. Ballad tempo tracks such as "Never Alone?" show off his well-structured and tasteful side, flowing from the ethereal to the heavy with seamless efficiency. Interludes such as "Morning After Her" allow the album to breathe with a smattering of acoustic shimmer. Brown has an excellent first release here, which also features Anthony Kaid (drums). Dan Brown Jr. was originally profiled in the August-September, 2005 edition of The Undiscovered.


Dan, a 22-year-old musician, captivated audiences all across the country as lead guitarist of the national touring act Mostly Crue, and was a member of other established acts such as Rock Bottom and Surreal Zeal. Now about a year into his solo career, and with the release of his first CD, The Awakening, a small Midwestern tour will begin in June and continue through the end of the year. With planned radio and TV appearances, Dan is quickly making a name for himself all over the world.

The tracks on The Awakening took about a year to complete, All songs on the album were recorded by Brown and drummer Anthony Kaid in their home studio.

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