The Rediscovered: Carl Verheyen

Carl Verheyen


Delivering Impressive Guitar & Heartfelt Music

From the Southern California area, Carl Verheyen is making noise with his latest solo effort, Slingshot, which skillfully blends a little rock, a little blues, a little jazz, a little county, and a whole lotta talent and experience to make for a powerful listening adventure. Reminiscent at times of '60s-era blues mingled with '90s embellishments, the guitar playing Verheyen exhibits sets Slingshot apart from other recordings of its kind. It takes originality and ability to pull off a successful, cross-bred collection of tunes, and Verheyen succeeds by placing the guitar center stage and relying on his taste and tone to hook the listener. Check out "Diamonds", "Mercury Rain" and the title track - all excellent examples of the quality musicianship found throughout Slingshot. Verheyen was originally profiled in the December-January, 1998 edition of The Undiscovered.


An L.A.-based studio musician, Carl has played on countless television shows and movies. He joined the group Supertramp in the mid-'80s as their lead guitarist, and recently toured with them for their 1996 reunion tour and album. Slingshot is Carl's fourth solo album, a follow up to his previous release, "Slang Justice", in which he demonstrated some incredible guitar playing and really began to place his guitar playing into the limelight. Even with more than 30 years of guitar playing experience, Carl has been referred to many times as one of the "10 best guitar players you've never heard of." With any luck, the buzz surrounding Slingshot should help to rectify that situation.

Verheyen continues to tour anywhere from four to seven months out of the year while maintaining a steady stream of studio work.

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