The Rediscovered: Andy Rothstein

Andy Rothstein


Blending His Diverse Influences

New Jersey guitarist Andy Rothstein has recently released his own solo fusion CD, entitled Voodoo Tone, which features fabulous players such as his mentor Vinnie Zummo, horn players Steve Jankowski and Tom Timko, bassist Tony Senatore and drummer Lou Petto. There are a few tracks featuring vocals, but the album is driven by the six instrumental tracks, which incorporate vintage rock, Latin and blues, alongside the requisite modern jazz influences. Voodoo Tone is an energetic album, and Rothstein's tasteful soloing and slippery comping are pristinely captured for the fusion ear. Andy has been with numerous bands, so stepping out in a solo context is a new endeavor, but judging by this effort, more CDs are sure to follow. Andy Rothstein was originally profiled in the December-January, 2006 edition of The Undiscovered.


Andy has been playing guitar since the first day of high school, in 1979. He later became a student of Steve Khan and Vinnie Zummo (of Joe Jackson) before beginning his career in the New York City clubs with The Prayer in the early '90s. He formed Mary's Magnet in 1995 with bassist Senatore and long time friend and drummer Lou Petto. Andy has authored a variety of transcription books for Hal Leonard Publishing under the pen name of Andy Robyns. Some of his published transcriptions include Alice In Chains ("Dirt") and Nirvana ("Incesticide"). These days, Andy favors his own custom-built guitars.

Rothstein now builds guitars, making what was for him a very natural transition from player to builder/player. He views building as an extension of his musicianship. He believes being a player makes him a better builder, and being a builder makes him a better player.

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