Promotional Business Cards

To me having as many top-notch promotional items as possible is a must. I decided that when it came time to making my business card, I would try and do something great. I wanted to have a card that was very eye-catching and would give whomever person I was talking to the idea that I was important and worth their time. So that meant making a double-sided full color card. I thought, "What would look like an extension of my website and CD?" So I called up my graphic artist Dylan Quinn and we got to work. Using Adobe Photoshop 6.0, Dylan and I used some of the same artwork from my site and CD for design consistency and came up with a very cool design.



Then I got a tip from Martini Graphic Services President Bill Martini about using digital printing instead of traditional 4-color process printing. Let's just say that I am glad that I did. After checking out some places that did it the traditional way, I realized I would save nearly 250% if I went digital and get it all done in 2 days! You do the math.

So I used a flyer that Bill had about, It was quick, reliable, and great when I got the cards back. I would strongly recommend this to anyone who is trying to get noticed and your name out there. Good luck!

Bill Peck is a guitarist from Orlando, Florida who currently stays busy doing clinics and working on his second CD.

His debut instrumental CD is entitled "Internal Flames".

Bill Peck

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