Product Review: Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

Periodically someone will come out with some contraption that promises stronger fingers, better speed, greater endurance etc., however few of them give you no more help than squeezing a tennis ball would. Not so with the "Gripmaster Hand and Finger Exerciser!" This product has been available for a good number of years...proof in my mind as to its effectiveness.

The "Gripmaster" is a hand-held device, consisting of four spring-loaded pads (one for each finger of course) allowing each finger to move and exercise independently. The bottom of the unit fits comfortably in the palm of your hand thanks to a rubber "ergonomic palm bar" which helps you keep a good grip. This bottom section has three springs as well, which adds to the overall "workout" you receive from flexing between your palm and fingers.


Included with the "Gripmaster" is a set of exercises with full instructions and diagrams... in six languages no less! The "Gripmaster" comes in three tensions and colors; medium tension (red), light tension (blue) and extra light tension (yellow) and is currently available through D'Addario / Planet Waves.

I've been using the "Gripmaster" for several years, and have found it really keeps my fingers strong and flexible. There's really no substitute for practicing on your instrument, but if there's no guitar around using one of these babies will certainly keep your fingers from seizing up! As a guitar teacher I've often recommended it to my students...especially for help with the dreaded "barre chords." Give it a try... stronger, faster fingers can soon be yours!

Greigg Fraser is a guitarist and recording artist from Ontario, Canada who produces totally original instrumental compositions melding both clean and tortured, distorted rock guitar with fusion, new age and pop overtones.

His latest CD is entitled "Under The Radar".

Greigg Fraser