"Play Guitar With Santana: Supernatural"

 "Play Guitar With Santana: Supernatural"


Play Guitar With Santana: Supernatural
The Story
"Play Guitar With Santana: Supernatural" on five great songs from the album (plus the bonus track 'Smooth') with these specially recorded CD backing tracks ('soundalike' instrumental tracks... specially performed to simulate the original recordings) plus a matching music book featuring both guitar tab and standard notation of each song with chord symbols plus complete lyrics for vocalists. Track 1 features tuning notes, tracks 2 to 6 offer full instrumental tracks with guitar (showing you how it should sound, and a backing for vocals), while tracks 7 to 11 feature the backing tracks without guitar and without vocals, so you can take the lead and rip! Tracks 12 and 13 feature the bonus track, "Smooth"!

Features the following tracks: "Do You Like The Way", "El Farol", "Maria Maria", "Primavera", "Put Your Lights On" and "Smooth".

Now you can play guitar or sing along with the CD backing tracks for these Santana songs, and learn with the matching music book.

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