Picking Sequences, Part II

Hello and welcome back. This lesson will deal with more picking with a sixteenth note feel but it will cover much more of the fretboard this time. Let's take a look at the ascending lick. It is based on an eight note repetitive idea that will be moved up by step. When ascending, start off with your pinky on the 8th fret on the low E string and play two notes descending before playing the usual three note per string pattern up to the adjacent string, ending on the A string 10th fret. This is the basic pattern. From there on, you just have to "copy and paste" Move your pinky up to the next note in the scale (12th fret or A) and continue with the same motion. Of course you need to adjust the notes to the scale. I wrote this example in F Major. In the videos I will sound a whole step lower, as my guitar is tuned down by a whole step. Try practicing the ascending lick starting from different positions on the fretboard in key and of course in all 12 keys. FUN!

OK, let's take a look at the descending pattern. This one is the exact opposite of the first idea. Start out playing the G on the 15th fret on the E string and ascend two notes up and then descend the entire six note pattern down to the B string 15th fret. Following that, slide with your first finger to the next note in the key. In this case it's C (13th fret). Do the exact same movement starting from this note. Do not double pick the note! This is all one big motion. Continue downward until you hit the 6th fret (Bb) with your first finger. Again don't forget to practice slowly and accurately before you speed up.


Video - All Examples

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