Picking Sequences

Hello and how is your picking? In this lesson we will take a closer look at playing 3 note per string scales as 16th notes. 3 note per string scales usually tend to be played in a triplet feel since the organization of notes on the string fall into this particular rhythm. Note: The examples have been recorded with a Parker Fly Single cut that is one whole step tuned down.

Example 1 shows the basic ascending sequence on two strings. Play it slowly and use strict alternate picking. Practice with a metronome, start out slowly and increase your speed.

Example 2 is the basic descending sequence. Use a metronome and proceed with extreme caution! This will be fun!

Example 3 is the full ascending scale. Try to accent the downbeats of each measure so you can feel the 16th better. Use a metronome and be patient.

Example 4 is the complete descending scale. Again, accent the downbeats to maintain a steady 16th note feel.



For a printable PDF version of the music, please click for Pages 1-2.

Video - All Examples

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