Pat Travers "Lookin' Up"

Pat Travers "Lookin' Up"

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Pat Travers
Lookin' Up
The Story
Veteran blues/rock guitarist Pat Travers' 1996 album "Lookin' Up" is a showcase for Pat's hard-driving, blues-based rock that has gained him an immense following. Smoldering blues riffs, played with aggression, set the tone for this classic Travers LP. Pat always cuts loose with passion and intensity, so songs such as "Ice Queen", "Dusty Blues" and "Bad Little Girl" blaze with fiery axework, and solos such those found on "Hypnotized" will have you in six string heaven. "Lookin' Up" is an ideal purchase for those guitar fanatics unfamiliar with Travers' blues albums.
The Music
04:36 Ice Queen Vocal
05:51 Lookin' Up Vocal
06:04 Hypnotized Vocal
03:22 Dusty Blues Vocal
05:50 Too Much (Is Never Enough) Vocal
05:00 Bad Little Girl Vocal
04:39 Right To Complain Vocal
04:27 A Good Fool Is Hard To Find Vocal
07:41 Bad Feelin's Again Vocal
04:04 Suburban Blues Vocal
The Artists
Pat Travers Guitars, Vocals, Production
Sean Shannon Drums, Pre-Prroduction Engineering
Kevin Rian Bass
Mike Franklin Keyboards on "A Good Fool Is Hard To Find" and "Bad Feelin' Again"
Mike Varney Executive Production
Daryl Phillips Engineering
Larry Brewer Engineering
Dave Stephens Graphic Design
Mike Iocapelli Mastering
Jimm Roberts Photography
Pre-production recording at Cannon Sound.

Recorded at Studio Z.

Re-mixed at Prairie Sun Studios, Cotati, CA.

Mastered at Cryrock, Memphis, TN.