Pat Metheny "One Quiet Night"

Pat Metheny "One Quiet Night"

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Pat Metheny
One Quiet Night
The Story
Pat Metheny writes about "One Quiet Night", "On November 24, 2001, I went to my home studio, turned on the recorder, and spent the evening playing. I had rediscovered a special low Nashville tuning that I had worked with some years ago and applied it to a recently acquired baritone guitar. The combination of this wonderful new instrument and this unusual tuning not only made some different things possible harmonically, but challenged me to think about ways of playing that I wouldn't have normally thought to go. I found and settled into a very specific mood of simple, mostly quiet playing, really just for myself. Unlike most of our recordings, this one started and ended with just a single guitar and a mic. This record is about essentially one sound, basically one sound, basically one mood, and taking the time to go deep inside that single world."
The Music
05:01 One Quiet Night Instrumental
04:29 Song For The Boys Instrumental
03:07 Don't Know Why Instrumental
06:47 Another Chance Instrumental
03:18 Time Goes On Instrumental
04:20 My Song Instrumental
06:10 Peace Memory Instrumental
03:57 Ferry Cross The Mersey Instrumental
03:38 Over On 4th Street Instrumental
07:48 I Will Find The Way Instrumental
12:00 North To South, East To West Instrumental
04:35 Last Train Home Instrumental
The Artists
Pat Metheny Guitar, Production, Engineering
Steve Rodby Production
Rob Eaton Associate Production, Mixing
David Oakes Associate Production
Pete Karam Associate Production, Additional Recording
Jay Spears Engineering Assistance
E. Scott Lindner Engineering Assistance
Ted Jensen Mastering
John Churchman Photography
Elizabeth Zeschin Portrait
Recorded at home November 24, 2001 in New York City. Additional recording January 2003.

Mixed at Right Track Studios February 2003.

Mastered at Sterling Sound.

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