Paco De Lucia "Light And Shade: A Portrait"

Paco De Lucia "Light And Shade: A Portrait"


Paco De Lucia
Light And Shade: A Portrait
The Story
Paco de Lucia appeared like a comet on the international scene. His guitar-playing was of a type never before heard-flamenco, yes, but with something quite new. Flamenco music, its roots shrouded in mystery, is certainly integral to his style. Listeningi o him, though, you can soon hear that he is trying to break several stylistic barriers.

"Light And Shade: A Portrait" should not only introduce the star everyone reckons they are familiar with from concerts or recording - the self-assured, grandiose performer. But Paco's readiness to allow a highly personal film portrait of himself means that we can gain a background glimpse into the personality of this fascinating musician.

Special DVD features include: Dolby Digital Stereo, Languages: German, Spanish, Dutch, Subtitles: French, Japanese, Arthaus Musik-Trailer.

Additional Facts
In addition to the portrait, background and foreground playing, and the interviews the DVD includes the songs "La Barossa", "The Sense Of Risk" and "Entre Dos Aguas".