Ozric Tentacles "Eternal Wheel"

Ozric Tentacles "Eternal Wheel"

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Ozric Tentacles
Eternal Wheel
The Story
"Eternal Wheel" is a 'best of the Ozric Tentacles' featuring two CDs and tracks from albums such as "Jurrasic Shift" (1993), "Arboresence" (1994), "Strangeitude" (1991), "Become The Other" (1995), "Waterfall Cities" (1999), "Erpland" (1990), "Curious Corn" (1997), "Hidden Step" (2000) and "Pyramidion" (2001). Guitarist Ed Wynne and bandmates have selected a great cross section of material here - perfect for someone just getting into the group that has no idea how to pick from their many studio releases. In addition, there is one 'enhanced CD' video bonus track from "Live At The Pongmaster's Ball" - "Kick Muck", featuring Wynne, Seaweed and the gang in concert on March 29th, 2002.
The Music
=== DISC 1 === Vocal
11:04 Jurassic Shift Instrumental
05:59 Myriapod Instrumental
03:32 Saucers Instrumental
07:52 Wob Glass Instrumental
07:19 Coily Instrumental
09:17 Sultana Detrii Instrumental
04:02 Sunscape Instrumental
08:20 Eternal Wheel Instrumental
10:50 Vibuthi Instrumental
06:26 Sploosh! Instrumental
=== DISC 2 === Vocal
05:57 Oolite Grove Instrumental
06:21 Ashlandi Bol Instrumental
03:47 Iscence Vocal
06:04 Pyramidion Instrumental
04:37 Spyroid Instrumental
06:47 Neurochasm Instrumental
The Artists
Ed Wynne Guitars, Koto, Keyboards, Synths, Samples, Scapes, Tendril Manipulations, Programming, Atmospheres, Production, Compilation Production, Remastering, Cover Art
Merv Pepler Drums, Ethnic Percussion, Babble
Joie Hinton Keyboards, Samples, Atmospheres
John Egan Flutes, Babble, Twirlings
Zia Geelani Bass, Snapples
Marcus Deiss Additional Ethnic Percussion
Seaweed Synths, Textures, Whoopz, Fizzles, Production, Mixing
Rad Drums, Such, Drum Poundings
Roly Wynne Bass
Schoo Drums
Jonny Morgan Drums
Brandi Wynne Compilation Production, Remastering
Kathy Bryan Remastering
Blim Artwork
Studios used: The Mill (Somerset), Rushmore Studio (London), Foel Studios (Wales), Chapel Allerton.

Live bonus track recorded March 29th, 2002 at Shepherd's Bush Empire.

Remastered at Abbey Road Studios, London, England.

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