Ozric Tentacles "Erpland"

Ozric Tentacles "Erpland"

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Ozric Tentacles
The Story
The dazzlingly diverse "Erpland" features the core Ozric Tentacles (Ed, Roly, Paul, Merv, John and Joe) along with a monster line up featuring old and new friends. Opening with a re-recorded version of "Eternal Wheel" from the "There Is Nothing" cassette, the album drifts onward through a melange of blistering space rock, reggae infused smoking tunes and exotic psychedelic styles, from the eerie "Toltec Spring" and rolling, surging "Tidal Convergence" through to the hypnotic persistence of "The Throbbe". It is, however, the mixing of exotic Asian and Middle Eastern music that makes the Ozrics stand out from the ordinary space rock crowd. The blending of acoustic and electric instruments with spiralling space rock guitar, cross polyrhythmic percussion and bubbling synths on tracks like "Sunscape", "Mysticum Arabicola" and "A Gift Of Wings" gives "Erpland" a delicately perfumed diversity.
The Music
08:20 Eternal Wheel Instrumental
03:03 Toltec Spring Instrumental
07:14 Tidal Convergence Instrumental
04:02 Sunscape Instrumental
09:14 Mysticum Arabicola Instrumental
05:40 Crackerblocks Instrumental
06:21 The Throbbe Instrumental
05:32 Erpland Instrumental
06:32 Valley Of A Thousand Thoughts Instrumental
03:17 Snakepit Instrumental
04:37 Iscence Instrumental
09:47 A Gift Of Wings Instrumental
The Artists
Ed Wynne Guitar, Production
Joie Hinton Synthesizer, Sampling
Merv Pepler Drums
Roly Wynne Bass
Paul Hankin Percussion
John Egan Flute, Voice
Blim Artwork
Brian Burrows Sleeve Remix
Rich Warfield Original Masters Logo Design
Richard Allen Liner Notes
Recorded at Foel Studios, Powys, Wales and at Rushmore, London.

Ethnic percussion by Marcus.

Reggae bubbles by Tom.

Tea and tambourine by Generator John.

Sampling by Steve.