Ottmar Liebert "Opium"

Ottmar Liebert "Opium"

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Ottmar Liebert
The Story
"Opium" is a varied collection of songs from German guitarist Ottmar Liebert in a double CD package. The album, nominated for a Grammy in 1997 for Best New Age Recording, features two ambitiously different sets of songs. Disc 1 is called "Wide-Eyed", and disc 2 is called "Dreaming", which essentially describes the tone and pace of each CD. "Wide-Eyed" features more of the nuevo flamenco sound Liebert popularized on earlier CDs, while "Dreaming" is more experimental and ethereal, where the Luna Negra group members delve into new sonic landscapes.
The Music
=== DISC 1 === Vocal
04:32 Nuevo Mexico Instrumental
04:15 Alegria Arabe (Version 1.1) Instrumental
04:28 Turkish Night Instrumental
04:06 Ocean Blvd./Miami Instrumental
04:44 Santa Fe 2 Chama Instrumental
05:01 Tremulo (De Mi Corazon) Instrumental
04:51 Bed Of Nails (Wide-Eyed Trance) Instrumental
04:32 Montana Walking Instrumental
05:00 Tangos De Tesuque Instrumental
04:33 Snakeoilsurfer Instrumental
04:09 Serenity On Ultracloud (Tribal Mix) Instrumental
04:53 Butterfly + Juniper (4 Kelly) Instrumental
03:49 Vudu (Technicolor Eyes Burn Thru) Instrumental
03:37 Buleria De Rojo (4 Mc) Instrumental
=== DISC 2 === Vocal
04:09 Serenity On Ultracloud (Mellow Mix) Instrumental
05:06 Yasmeen Instrumental
01:09 Ayer-Al Ultimo Dia De Palabra Instrumental
04:17 Old Man On The Citadel Instrumental
02:57 Anyong/Grandfather Smiling (Walkie-Talki Instrumental
03:34 Te Siento Instrumental
01:40 Freedom (4 Lobsang Samten) Instrumental
04:43 Buleria De Las Golondrinas Instrumental
02:24 La Acequia Madre Instrumental
04:55 Chama 2 Santa Fe Instrumental
04:43 Chi-Wahwah Beauty Instrumental
02:04 Drop Of Water On A Dry Stone Instrumental
04:35 Slow Burn/Pain + Pleasure Instrumental
02:03 Bluedreamdrops Instrumental
03:48 Ripplewind Over Water (4 Darryl Reanney) Instrumental
04:58 The Blink Of An I Contains Eternity... Instrumental
03:07 Anyong/Grandfather Singing (Gibson...) Instrumental
02:54 Opium Instrumental
The Artists
Ottmar Liebert Guitar, Production
Stefan Liebert Instruments, Production, Engineering, Mixing
Jon Gagan Instruments
Mark Clark Instruments
Eric Schermerhorn Instruments
Woody Thompson Instruments
Carl Coletti Instruments
Magali Amadei Voice
Ashkan Sahihi Voice, Photography
Bok Yun Chon Voice
Lobsang Samten Voice
Olga Kammerer Voice
Charles Rook Engineering
Gary Lyons Engineering, Mixing
Doug Sax Mastering
Gavin Lurssen Mastering
Nancy Donald Art Direction
Jan Oswald Front Cover Poppy Photography
Recorded and mixed at Spiral Subwave in Santa Fe.

Mastered at the Mastering Lab.

Design and photo manipulation by Hooshik.

Hair and makeup by Randi Mavestrand.