NSA Software "Chord Master"

NSA Software "Chord Master"


NSA Software
Chord Master
The Story
Become a "Chord Master" with NSA Song Player. Learners can clearly visualize and practice chords and scales on a guitar or other stringed instrument. Import tablature for practicing either chords or 'finger-style' picking. The program will accommodate either right handed or left handed musicians.

NSA Song Player suits guitar players of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. The use and features of the program are explained through an excellent interactive tutorial which covers all the steps of working with chords, scales, songs and tablature. It is completely interactive, so you can try everything as it is explained.

Features include:

  • Songs Module: Intermediate and advanced players will find the immediate access to alternate fingering for over 1200 chords and thousands of scales a real boon! Both common and rarely-used chord types are provided.

  • Tabulature Module: Import guitar tablature files from the Internet. - there are thousands to choose from - and learn how to play chords, 'finger-style' or plucked notation.

  • Alternative Notation: There is a nifty optional floating staff window to display chords in conventional musical notation - this is great for visualizing harmonies of checking alternate fretboard positions for best chord voicing to suit a melody.

  • Alternative Tunings: Tune each string individually or choose from these predefined tunings: Guitar, Bass, BajaSexto, Bandruia, Banjo, Banjo Tenor, Bonzouki, Charango, Cello, Cuatro, Dulcimer, Fiddle, Guitarron, Mandola, Mandolin, Oud (Arabian, Turkish, Armenian, Cumbis), Pipa, Requinto, Ukelele, Tenor Ukelele, Bari Ukelele, Vihuela and Viola.

Improve your fretboard skills now!

Additional Facts
System Requirements: Pentium 150MHz or faster PC; Windows 95/98/NT v3.5 or better / 2000 / ME; 800x600 16-bit 'Hi-Color' screen display; Active X; DirectX 3.0 or later; 7 Mb hard drive space.