Nicola Fassi

Nicola Fassi


Italian Rock Instrumentalist Looks For Label

Italian guitarist Nicola Fassi has provided an excellent example of what not to do when submitted a demo CD-R for review. His seven song work, featuring superb guitar work over energetic rock instrumentals in the Satriani/Johnson/Morse vein is marred by a strange voice coming on every 20 seconds or so saying, "Demo version!" Here you are trying to enjoy the music and listen to a ripping, soaring guitar solo and your brain is hammered by this spoken uselessness, making it difficult to listen past the first one or two tracks. Fassi needs to send out a proper demo - this one has the unique ability to piss people off. In spite of that, and the stripped down production, Fassi has some really good music here. He is a propulsive and inventive guitar player who can say a lot with his instrument. He's fluid, technically brilliant and not afraid to go for it. Just fix this problem!


Nicola has been a professional guitarist for many years. He has studied classical harmony, jazz harmony, rock techniques and improvisation for seven years with two of the most important Italian guitar players. Nicola has played in blues, rock, pop and fusion bands, and has played over five hundred gigs with cover bands, a Mr. Big tribute band, Deborah Leali and with his jazz-rock trio The Birds Of Fire. He has taught music for the past eight years, giving classes in modern guitar, musical ensemble and hard disk recording. In November of 2001, Nicola's trio recorded their first CD, entitled "Novenquarto".

Fassi currently does studio sessions playing guitar and arranging, as well as records jungles and music for web publishers. He is searching for a label or music company that has the necessary budget to realize a real CD with real musicians playing in a studio, and who can handle promotion and distribution.

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