MVP "Centrifugal Funk"

MVP "Centrifugal Funk"

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Centrifugal Funk
The Story
Recently reissued by Tone Center for 2004, this 1991 Legato Records release of MVP (The Mark Varney Project), "Centrifugal Funk", displays a warning, "Contains guitar performances of unparalleled speed, taste and virtuosity. Not for the faint of heart!" The lead guitar performances spoken about in such glowing terms are turned in by none other than Brett Garsed (lead guitar), Shawn Lane (lead guitar) and Frank Gambale (lead guitar). Mark Varney and Jimmy Earl produced the album of eight instrumentals, two of which ("Love Struck" and "So What", both clocking in at over eight minutes) feature all three gutiarists. The album also features Mike O'Neill on rhythm guitar, Steve Tavaglione on sax, Freddy Ravel on keyboards, Jimmy Earl on bass (he takes a solo on "So What"), Joey Heredia on drums and Kevin Ricard on percussion. T.J. Helmerich also makes an appearance on guitar, cuttiing the first solo on "Love Struck". Mesmerizing, extreme, attention-grabbing, aggressive, thrilling - all have been used to describe the music on "Centrifugal Funk" - and, like it's companion record "Truth In Shredding", recommended for fans ranging from fusion to progressive to jazz.
The Music
07:36 Actual Proof Instrumental
09:42 So What Instrumental
05:30 Hey Tee Bone Instrumental
07:18 Tokyo Blue Instrumental
11:56 Splatch Instrumental
09:54 Elegant People Instrumental
09:54 Love Struck Instrumental
The Artists
Frank Gambale Lead Guitar
Brett Garsed Lead Guitar
Shawn Lane Lead Guitar
Mike O'Neill Rhythm Guitar
T.J. Helmerich Lead Guitar, Remastering
Jimmy Earl Bass, Production, Arrangements
Steve Tavaglione Saxes, E.M.I.
Freddy Ravel Keyboards
Joey Heredia Drums
Kevin Ricard Percussion
Mark Varney Production, Musical Concept, Executive Production
David Levitan Cover Art, Design
Alan Hirshberg Mixing
Music tracked at Front Page, Costa Mesa, CA and at Kiwa, Memphis, TN.

Mixed at Studio Sound, LA.

Originally mastered at Future Disc, LA.

Remastered at R.I.T.