Music Publicity Plan


Prototype is a four piece alternative funk band from Seattle, Washington. Their sound is reminiscent of Pavement, with a healthy dose of funky rhythms thrown in for good measure. Their simple, yet beat-based songs have attracted an enthusiastic audience to date. Together since 1991, Kip Stanford(lead vocals), John Tremmer, (lead and rhythm guitar), Ron Malcolm (bass), and Judy Winter (Drums) have released 2 45's, and 2 cassette tapes on their own, before signing to Dental Records in January of 1996. Their debut CD release Calling It a Day will be released on January 17th, 1997. The first single off the CD will be the song "Deadly Accurate", which will be aimed at college radio at first, with an independently produced video available on a limited basis.

The publicity campaign's objective is to build upon the strong alternative print support the band received from their previous releases, with added concentration on expanding into some national music trades, and consumer magazines. We will position Prototype as intelligent and politically concerned generation Xer's. their unique propensity for meshing funky rhythms with driving melodies around social and political issues will make writers and editors in newspapers, magazines, and fanzines stand up a take notice of this issue oriented band. The songwriting team of Kip Stanford and John Tremmer will be made available to the print media and select college/alternative stations for interviews, in conjunction with their touring schedule.

The publicity campaign will support any and all promotion and marketing plans from Dental Records, and monitor all activities in radio and retail, as well as closely track attendance at live shows, to take full advantage of any developing newsworthy events that may develop.

Summary of Radio, Sales, and Live Show Plans

Radio: The song Deadly Accurate will be made available to college radio on January 10th. Promotional concentration will remain with non commercial college stations for the first month. Based on the successes achieved at this level, commercial alternative rock stations (KISW, KNDD etc.) will be approached next. If all goes well with those stations, Active Rock and Hard Rock stations will be targeted for adds quickly. Note: the video of "Deadly Accurate" is an independently produced video, that will be sent only to select cable access stations in the northwest. There is a commitment from Dental Records to fund a more professional video, should successful airplay demand it.

Sales: Distribution for the CD will be through the independent network of I.N.D.I.E. with concentration on select mom and pop alternative music stores, as well as the chains, and any crossover retailers that can be brought on board. Posters, and blank covers of the CD will be made available to the stores. Promotions such as in-store visits and, in-store concerts will be set up through arrangements by the Artist Development department of Dental Records, and the band's management, coordinated through their touring schedule.

Live Shows: A northwest tour will kick off on January 24th in Seattle (opening for Soundgarden), with stops along the Washington leg of the tour in Spokane, and the Tri Cities. Other stops on the tour will include college campus venues throughout eastern Washington, as well as Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. As developments break the band is prepared to continue touring across the country as inroads are made in radio airplay, and through the publicity generated from the following plan.

Publicity Plan

The press kit for Prototype will consist of a promo copy of the Calling It A Day CD, a bio, fact sheet, photo, and press clippings highlighting the positive feedback from the band's previous 45's and tapes, as well as live concert reviews. The campaign will build on the successes the band has already had, taking full advantage of their favorable reviews in such northwest publications as The Rocket, The UW Daily, Pandemonium, The Seattle Times, and the Seattle Weekly. Commitments for reviews from these publications have already been secured, and will be a priority in launching the Publicity campaign. Advance CD's will be sent to these publications on December 6th.

Level One Targets: Upon Release

  • Album reviews and features in regional publications to appear upon release:

    The Rocket, the UW Daily, Pandemonium , The Seattle Times, and Seattle Weekly

  • Album reviews and features in national alternative magazines to break upon release:

    Alternative Press, RayGun, Magnet, Seconds, etc.

  • Album reviews and features in national and regional fanzines:

    Flipside, Village Noize, Puncture, Cake, Fizz

  • Album reviews in daily newspapers, weeklies, influential regionals, plus College Radio interviews in Seattle (KCMU), and Bellingham (KUGS)
  • Trade reviews and features:

    CMJ, Virtually Alternative, Next, Hits

  • Album reviews and features in national consumer press:

    Spin, Pulse, Huh?, CD Review, Addicted the Noise (on the Internet)

Level Two Targets: Upon Touring

  • Get press to live shows in every city and town they play.
  • Tour coverage in daily newspapers, weeklies, regionals and college press
  • Album reviews in consumer press:

    Spin, Rolling Stone, Musician etc.

  • Additional Radio interviews on college and commercial alternative stations

Preliminary Publicity Timeline

Day Date Event
Fri 12/6 Advance promo copies at
The Rocket, UW Daily, Pandemonium, Seattle Times, and the Seattle Weekly 
Mon 12/9 Arrange interviews on
KCMU, Seattle and KUGS Bellingham
Fri 12/13 Deadline for completing
database of print/broadcast mailing list
Fri 1/10 Single sent to College
Fri 1/17 Calling It A Day
CD release day
Mon 1/20 Album mention in UW
Daily/ Seattle Times
Tues 1/21 Album mention in
Seattle Weekly
Thur 1/24 Tour begins in
Thu 1/24 Album mention in
Tue 1/28 Album mention in the
Rocket and Pandemonium
Tue 1/27 Album mention in
Spokane and Tri-City Daily papers
Mon 2/2 Album mention in Cake
and Fizz
Fri 2/6 Album mention in
Flipside and Village Noize
Wed 2/15 Album mention in Spin
Wed 2/15 Album mention in
Virtually Alternative
Fri 2/17 Album mention in Next
Fri 2/24 Album mention in Magnet
Mon 2/27 Interview on KUGS
Mon 2/27 Interview on KCMU
Tue 2/28 Feature story in The

Public Relations

Due to the fact that Prototype's lyrical content is concerned with political and social issues of our times, it is imperative that their image of concerned "political rockers" be maintained at all times. Emphasis should be placed on their involvement with anti-censorship issues in particular. Backgrounders will be available to all broadcast and print media contacts highlighting the key issues that current legislation in Washington state and in Washington DC are concerned with. Any and all opportunities to discuss in print, or on the radio the anti censorship stand that the band has taken should be explored thoroughly.

A concerted effort will be made to present the band in all "Rock The Vote" campaigns to help get their fans registered to vote in November.

After 5 years of laying down a foundation of independent, political thinking through their music, Prototype is poised to seize the moment with their new CD "Calling It A Day".

The Publicity Department of Dental Records is ready to meet the challenge of breaking the band through a detailed and organized print and broadcast publicity campaign geared at working their existing fanbase into a national audience for their music.

Throughout his fprty year career in the music business, FourFront Media & Music's Christopher Knab has shared his experience at many industry conventions and conferences, including the New Music Seminar and the Northwest Area Music Business Conference.

Knab was owner of a San Francisco music store, co-owner of the 415 Records label, and station manager at KCMU Radio in Seattle.

He currently provides a unique consultation and education service for independent musicians and record labels. His new book is entitled "Music Is Your Business".

Christopher Knab