Mike Keneally "Nonkertompf"

Mike Keneally "Nonkertompf"

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Mike Keneally
The Story
Mike Keneally's seventh album, the all-instrumental "Nonkertompf", is a very personal instrumental effort featuring Keneally playing everything, including guitars, keyboards, drums, sax, a stool and about a dozen other devices. "Nonkertompf" is a 74-minute stream-of-consciousness flight-of-fancy that takes the listener on an unparallelled sonic journey. Countless styles and moods are explored and seamlessly sewn together, always with extraordinary musical precision, rich orchestrational sense and a very big heart. David Fricke wrote in Rolling Stone, "(Nothing) prepared me for the color and density of "Nonkertompf", a whirl of thirty-five instrumental miniatures, played by Keneally in their entirety and advertising not only his spicy fluency on the guitar but a flair for hot melodic sabotage rooted, yet not imprisoned, in Zappology." 'Nuff said.
The Music
01:08 What Are You Doing Instrumental
05:04 Click Instrumental
00:44 I Just Got Here Instrumental
01:25 Naked Horse Instrumental
02:24 Blue Jean Baby Instrumental
02:59 The Knife & Drum Instrumental
00:33 Paprika Instrumental
04:51 Nine Instrumental
00:53 Sunset Over The Paprika Festival Instrumental
00:49 Juzz Instrumental
01:24 Chew Instrumental
03:32 Show Yourself Instrumental
00:52 Don't Hurt Our Paprika! Instrumental
02:17 Clumpy Clumpy Instrumental
01:12 Oh Angel Instrumental
03:43 The Boing-Ah Steroid Instrumental
00:19 On A Glandular Level Instrumental
00:35 The Blumpy Hop Instrumental
04:16 Draconian Blump Instrumental
00:45 Rake Bannuh's Men Instrumental
00:25 Odon Instrumental
03:05 I Love It Here Instrumental
02:06 Drumsticks Instrumental
01:13 Oprah Talks To Teens Instrumental
03:01 Hum Instrumental
00:38 Rake's Men Hurt Their Backs Instrumental
01:31 Piezo Clambake Instrumental
00:12 Medic! Instrumental
00:39 Hang Tough Instrumental
01:04 An Understanding Of My Self As Other Instrumental
03:47 Self 'N' Other Instrumental
01:19 O, Stamp Collector Instrumental
06:11 Show More Of Yourself Instrumental
00:50 Lights Out, Eyes Open Instrumental
07:55 What I Have Done Instrumental
The Artists
Mike Keneally Guitars, Instruments, Voices, Engineering, Mixing, Editing, Mastering, "Happy Girl With Radio" Illustration, Umbrella Illustration
Scott Chatfield Executive Production, Editing, Mastering
Jeff Forrest Engineering, Mixing, Drum-Setting-Up, Ingenuity, Tolerance of MK, Assistance of Every Sort, Overall Total Coolness for Many, Many Years
Mike Harris Engineering, Mixing
Ed Lucas Engineering
Lyle Workman Engineering
Martin Mann Photography
Atticus Wolrab Artwork, Design
Recorded in 24 days sprinkled throughout March-June 1999 at Double Time, Signature Sound, Hog Heaven, and The Rec Room.

Mixed at Double Time ("Click" mixed at Signature Sound.

Edited and mastered at Chatfield Manor.

Hair by Lesley Poling, make-up by Mary Klimek