Mike Keneally "Boil That Dust Speck"

Mike Keneally "Boil That Dust Speck"

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Mike Keneally
Boil That Dust Speck
The Story
""Boil That Dust Speck" was wrenched out of my darkest depths while in the throes of an exciting variety of emotional torment, this album is a lot less goofy than 'hat'", states Keneally. "I had a 'Dust Speck' song sequence all ready to go, a couple of days before the editing session was scheduled, but I went on a late night joyride with Bryan Beller and Tom Freeman and listened to it with them-it was so bloody depressing I couldn't believe it. At the last minute I constructed, on paper, the weird little edit-collages that spice up the second half of the album and keep it from getting too portentious." With that in mind, check out the magic-in-action of "Sooth", the hard rock of "'Cause of Breakfast" and the fast, but melodically strange "Them Dolphins is Smart". Also, "Bullys (sic)" contains an extended guitar solo, for fans of that kind of thing!
The Music
02:30 Sooth Vocal
05:08 'Cause Of Breakfast Vocal
03:34 The Desired Effect Vocal
02:42 Skunk Vocal
00:09 I'm Glad There's Lemon-Freshened... Vocal
02:42 Top Of Stove Melting Vocal
02:49 Aglow Vocal
00:21 Bryan Beller's Favorite Song Vocal
00:31 Deep-Fried Skinks Are Go! Vocal
01:40 Good Morning, Sometime Vocal
00:59 Them Dolphins Is Smart Vocal
03:32 1988 Was A Million Years Ago Vocal
01:59 Yep, Them Dolphins Is Smart, Alright Vocal
05:57 Bullys (sic) Vocal
04:02 My Dilemma Vocal
01:13 Helen Was Brash Vocal
03:55 Weekend Vocal
02:28 Land Of Broken Dreams Vocal
02:15 Blameless (The Floating Face) Vocal
01:06 That Claim-Jumping Swine, O'Bannon Vocal
01:25 Faithful Axe Vocal
02:27 Natty Trousers Vocal
03:47 Scotch Vocal
04:43 There Have Been Bad Moments Vocal
01:53 Frang Tang, The Valentine Bear Vocal
00:44 I Will Vocal
02:33 In The Bone World Vocal
02:27 The Old Boat Guy, Part One Vocal
02:04 The Old Boat Guy, Part Two Vocal
02:47 The Old Boat Guy, Part Three Vocal
The Artists
Mike Keneally Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Keys, Vocals, Tambourine, Bass, Synth Percussion, Slit Drum, Slide Whistle, Percussion, Triangle, Horn, Peter's Horn, Tantrum, Bug Keychain, Cowbells, Pot Lids, Woodblocks, Temple Blocks, Shaker, Taxi Horn (blown into), Bass Drum, Little Cymbal, Production, Mixing, Design
Satnam Ramgotra Tabla, Ending Mouth
Toss Panos Drums
Joe Travers Drums
Brian Beller Bass
Doug Lunn Bass, Instant Mick Karn
Mark DeCerbo Backing Vocals
Bob Tedde Backing Vocals
Tom Freeman Drums
Doug Booth Flute
Stutz Bearcat Spoken Word
Alan Silverstein Tom-toms, Scraper Thing with a Horn on it, Talking Drum, Slit Drum, Congas, Tympani, Big Cymbals
Jeff Forrest Engineering, Mixing
Joe Stott Digital Editing
Bernie Grundman Mastering
Victor Molina Photography
Scott Chatfield Photography, Artful Assistance
Karen Chatfield Artful Assistance
Karin Burger Photography
Jason Forrest Photography
Dr. Janet Schori Photography
Joseph Garcia Layout
Songs by Mike Keneally.

Recorded and mixed at Double Time, San Diego, CA. Some keyboards recorded at Tar Central.

Mastered at Bernie Grundman's Place.

Additional photography provided by Mom's archives.