Miguel Mega "Tocando Outside I e II"


Miguel Mega
Tocando Outside I e II
The Story
In Portuguese. HMP educational brings the best instructional material for beginners to advanced players with the release of Miguel Mega's "Tocando Outside I e II" DVD, which features lots of practical examples to help you to play 'outside', and even a booklet with everything transcribed. Extras are also included, such as video clips and an interview for a Brazillian TV channel music program.

Special DVD features include: Stereo, Video Clips, TV Interview, Portuguese.

DVD Video, NTSC, Regions: All

Additional Facts
Miguel Mega has been a professional guitar player for more than 20 years, and released his first record in 1992 with his band Last Joker. Mega studied guitar in LA with Joey Tafolla and Jean Mark Belkadi and took recording and production courses at the Music Box Studios in Hollywood. Mega has released five solo instrumental CDs, including "Coastline" (2001), "G-Fire" (2003) and "G-Fire II" (2005), featuring some of the greatest names in the jazzfusion world, such as Mark Whitfield, Morris O'Connor, Kevin Chokan, Vernon Neilly, and Juan Nelson.