Michael Manring "Instructional DVD For Bass"

Michael Manring "Instructional DVD For Bass"


Michael Manring
Instructional DVD For Bass
The Story
Michael Manring on his "Instructional DVD For Bass", "On my CD "Thonk", I played four solo pieces that use some unorthodox techniques. Since then, I have been asked a lot of questions from musicians about these pieces! In this DVD, I describe each of the techniques involved and demonstrate my approach to performing this music. Among the topics discussed are: using alternate tunings, the capabilities of the Hyperbass, applying the slap technique to a fretless bass, use of the EBow and playing with two EBows simultaneously, changing tunings while playing, composing with multiple tunings and playing several instruments simultaneously." The accompanying booklet comes complete with easy-to-follow notation and diagrams which correspond exactly to this DVD. This DVD presents an insightful look at Manring's style and technique.

Special DVD features include: Booklet.

DVD Video, NTSC, Regions: 1

Additional Facts
On a typical week bassist Michael Manring may be found doing anything from an

international tour with New Age keyboardist Suzanne Ciani to an avant-improv-core

club gig with guitar innovator Henry Kaiser to a folk festival with celebrated

troubadour John Gorka to a recording with the experimental post-metal trio, Attention

Deficit with Tim Alexander (Primus) and Alex Skolnick (Testament). The obvious pleasure that Michael takes in

music captivates audiences and critics alike. As writer Tom Darter put it in Keyboard

magazine after seeing one of Michael's renowned solo bass concerts, "Forget his

astounding technique and musicality; forget his absolute command of his

instruments; forget how seamlessly the musical ideas and the performance of them

were wedded together...The enlightenment came most from feeling (seeing, hearing)

the joy Michael felt to be playing...his brand of transcendental chops and musical

understanding...was all in the service of the final outcome, the joy of making music."

Building on the conceptions of his teacher, the late bass legend Jaco Pastorius,

Michael has developed an entirely new approach to the instrument that includes

unorthodox tunings, techniques and methodologies. He has honed his skills on over a

hundred recordings as a session musician and thousands of concerts throughout

the Americas, Europe and Asia. One of his most rewarding and intimate musical

collaborations was with the acoustic guitar genius Michael Hedges, who instantly

enlisted Manring's musical partnership when he first heard him play one of his

imaginative solo bass compositions while Manring was still a teenager. Hedges' tragic

death in 1997 ended a truly extraordinary musical alliance--and a very deep

friendship. Through Hedges, Manring was introduced to Windham Hill records where

he was quickly signed as house bassist and solo artist. His four solo albums with the

Windham Hill/BMG group (Unusual Weather, Toward the Center of the Night and

Drastic Measures on Windham Hill; Thonk on High Street) have earned him an

international reputation as "a master of the fretless bass without rival." (Guitar Club

Magazine, Italy). He has also garnered two gold records, Grammy and Bammie

nominations, a Berklee School of Music Distinguished Alumni Award and numerous

Bass Player Magazine Reader's Poll awards including 1994 Bassist of the Year.