Michael Hedges "Aerial Boundaries"

Michael Hedges "Aerial Boundaries"

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Michael Hedges
Aerial Boundaries
The Story
"Aerial Boundaries" was the groundbreaking instrumental album for guitar-wizard Michael Hedges. Recorded in 1984, this work remains a classic. This release has been called one of the most important acoustic guitar records ever made and remains his best-selling recording. "Aerial Boundaries" incorporates all the elements that characterize Hedges' music: astounding technique, innovative composition, and a spirit of daring exploration. Where many a musician with half of Hedges' ability would be prone to showboating, the guitarist seems to have thrown away the idea of ego altogether, opting instead for an almost ascetic purity of sound. The result is the groundbreaking music that this record captures. Although his life was tragically cut short in a 1997 automobile accident, Michael Hedges continues to wield tremendous influence over guitar music, especially among his fellow acoustic guitarists.
The Music
04:45 Aerial Boundaries Instrumental
02:30 Bensusan Instrumental
05:00 Rickover's Dream Instrumental
03:15 Ragamuffin Instrumental
04:10 After The Gold Rush Instrumental
01:31 Hot Type Instrumental
05:45 Spare Change Instrumental
07:10 Menage A Trois Instrumental
03:50 The Magic Farmer Instrumental
The Artists
Michael Hedges Guitar, Production, Engineering, Editing
Mike Manring Fretless Bass on "After The Gold Rush" and "Menage A Trois"
Mindy Rosenfeld Flutes on "Menage A Trois"
William Ackerman Production
Steven Miller Production, Engineering, Mixing to Digital
Tom Arrison Engineering Assistance
Nick Gutfreund Engineering Assistance
Bill Mueller Engineering
Oliver DiCicco Engineering
Mark Boddeker Digital Transferring
Bernie Grundman Original Mastering
Richard Santangelo Cover Photography
Cathye English Liner Photography
Anne Robinson Design
Tracks 1-4 and 6 recorded live to 2-track digital master in the Living Room at Windham Hill Inn, West Townshend, VT, using Fedco Audio Labs remote truck.

Track 5 recorded live to 2 track master at Sheffield Studio, Baltimore, Maryland.

Track 9 recorded live to 2 track master at Different Fur Studio, San Francisco, CA.

Track 8 recorded at Moblus Music, San Francisco, CA. Mixed to digital at A&M Studios, Los Angeles, CA.

Track 7 recorded at the Peabody Electronic Music Studio, Baltimore, MD. All sounds are of guitar origin. Mixed to digital at Peabody Recording Studio.

Digital transfers at Master Digital, Venice, CA.

Original mastering at A&M Studios, Los Angeles, CA.