Michael Angelo Batio "25 Jazz Progressions"

Michael Angelo Batio "25 Jazz Progressions"


Michael Angelo Batio
25 Jazz Progressions
The Story
"25 Jazz Progressions" by Michael Angelo Batio is part of the "Hands Without Shadows" series Volume 2. This DVD features all 25 of the Jazz Progressions in several forms. Scorch files, on-screen tab and most importantly, the "25 Jazz Progressions" booklet in a PDF file. With the booklet in the PDF file, you can easily print the Jazz Progressions from your computer. It is strongly recommend that you print the booklet before attempting the progressions. You will find this booklet invaluable as you can see the chord charts and familiarize yourself with the advanced sonic textures and concepts of Jazz.

Michael does not appear on screen in this DVD but performed all 25 of the Jazz Progressions.

The Jazz Progressions are great exercises for several reasons. First, they are extremely hard to master and will give your fretboard hand a great workout. Secondly, the Jazz Progressions will introduce you to the sounds of jazz. The "25 Jazz Progressions" by Michael Angelo Batio will give you hours and hours of practice and will arm you with valuable tools to use and shape your own playing.

Special DVD features include: Stereo.

DVD Video, NTSC, Regions: All

Additional Facts
Michael Angelo Batio is from Chicago and has a B.A. in Music Theory and Composition from Northeastern Illinois University. At 14, Batio was playing jazz and by 16 had won an award for outstanding jazz soloist on guitar. He started as a session guitarist when he was 19 years old. He has recorded TV, radio and industrial film music for Burger King, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, KFC, United Airlines, United Way, McDonalds and the Chicago Wolves hockey team, among others.

The band Nitro (with Michael on guitar) released the disc "O.F.R." on Rhino/Capital records. Michael produced the record and it "hit" the Billboard charts. Nitro made 3 MTV videos, hosted MTV's "Headbangers Ball" (where Michael played live) and toured to sold-out shows everywhere.

June 1994, Michael's first solo CD, "No Boundaries", was released worldwide on Michael's label M.A.C.E. Music, Inc. Records. "No Boundaries" is considered by many to be one of the best instrumental electric guitar CDs of its kind ever recorded.