Metro "Metrocafe"

Metro "Metrocafe"

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The Story
"Metrocafe" is the third outing from fusion group Metro, and features the same stellar musicianship found on their previous two releases. Guitarist Chuck Loeb (known better for his smooth jazz releases) gets to open up, crank the overdrive on occasion and cut loose here, as he plays terrific, inventive solos on tracks such as the opening urban-vibed title track and the Brazilian-flavored "It's All Good", which also features keyboardist Mitchel Forman dancing nimbly across the piano keys. Veteran bassist Victor Bailey and inventive drummer Wolfgang Haffner round out the quartet on "Metrocafe", whose latest won't offend anyone's ears - as long as they love dynamic fusion!
The Music
06:04 Metrocafe Instrumental
04:53 It's All Good Instrumental
06:08 Shadow Play Instrumental
04:17 Month Of Sundays Instrumental
06:43 Field Of Diamonds Instrumental
05:37 Those Who Wait Instrumental
05:17 One A Day Instrumental
05:22 House And Home Instrumental
05:37 People Person Instrumental
05:25 Q Instrumental
06:23 Your Name Here Instrumental
The Artists
Chuck Loeb Guitars, Production, Additional Engineering
Mitchel Forman Keyboards, Pans, Prodcution, Additional Engineering
Victor Bailey Bass
Wolfgang Haffner Drums
David Charles Percussion, Field Drum
Munyungo Jackson Percussion
Carmen Cuesta Vocals on "It's All Good"
Geoff Gillette Engineering
Tiango Becker Engineering Assistance
Phil Magnotti Mixing
Fred Kevorkian Mastering
Dennis Wall Additional Engineering
Yusuf Ghandi Executive Production
Reynold Da Silva Executive Production
Stephen Southham Release Co-ordination
Colin Parker Album Design, Art Direction
Michael Banks Cityscape Photography
Recorded January 19-23, 2000 at Entourage, North Hollywood.

Additional recording at Showerhead Studios and Automotive Sound.

Mixed at Automotive Recording, Irvington.

Mastered at Absolute Audio, New York City.