Metal Mike Chlasciak "Monster Coordination"

Metal Mike Chlasciak "Monster Coordination"


Metal Mike Chlasciak
Monster Coordination
The Story
Hailed as one of metal's busiest and most respected guitarists for his stellar work with Halford, PainmuseuM, Testament and Sebastian Bach, Metal Mike, the high priest of blistering guitar finally opens up his toolbox and shows you incredible exercises for developing your dexterity, right/ left hand coordination and speed on your instrument.

This revised and updated second edition of "Monster Coordination" contains only the absolute best exercises Metal Mike has come across as a guitarist. Easy to understand diagrams, tablature and corresponding explanation shed light on each exercise. Warm up, stretching, strengthening and how to tell if you are getting better - it is all here. Here is your chance to discover the same exercises Metal Mike used and still uses to this day.

"Monster Coordination" - Guitar Boot Camp is a comprehensive technique building tool for guitarists at all levels.

Additional Facts
Guitar demon Metal Mike Chlasciak is without doubt one of the most hard working and respected Heavy Metal guitarists of today's generation. Metal Mike is most commonly known as the guitarist who helped Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford reclaim and hold his status as the true Metal God. Metal Mike is the guitarist for Rob Halford's endeavor Halford. Metal Mike has written and appeared on "Resurrection" (2000), "Live Insurrection" (2001), "Crucible" (2002) and "Fourging The Furnace" (2003). Well past a million units sales mark, above efforts thrust Metal Mike into the international spotlight.

Metal Mike leads his own solo endeavor Metal Mike's Painmuseum, whose debut album "Metal For Life" enjoyed much attention and critical acclaim from the metal community. Recently Mike delivered us another stellar release "You Have The Right To Remain Violent", an enhanced EP released exclusively via Mike's own imprint C.M.M. Entertainment.

A scholarship graduate of Berklee College of Music, Metal Mike has released three solo instrumental albums "Grind Textural Abstraction" (1996), "Territory: Guitar Kill!!", (2000) and "The Spilling" (2001).