Mermen "A Glorious Lethal Euphoria"

album cover

A Glorious Lethal Euphoria
The Story
The Mermen's 1995 instrumental CD, "A Glorious Lethal Euphoria", features the band's unique nouveau surf sound, amid Jim Thomas amped-up guitar thrash and the amazing bass of Allen Whitman. It's surf through and through, and yet it's not - the listener hears influences such as Neil Young and nods towards Sonic Youth, all drenched in reverb and dripping with melody. All in all, some of the most creative ideas thrown under the banner of 'surf music' in quite some time. "A Glorious Lethal Euphoria" is a mind-expanding experience to be sure, and at over seventy minutes, you'll be riding the waves of a new kind of tunage. Not your daddy's surf music.
The Music
03:57 Pulpin' Lince Instrumental
04:25 With No Definite Future And No Purpose.. Instrumental
03:31 The Drowning Man Knows His God Instrumental
03:50 Scalp Salad Instrumental
09:17 Obsession For Men Instrumental
04:07 Blue Xoam Instrumental
05:39 Under The Kou Tree Instrumental
03:55 Lizards Instrumental
05:15 Quo Me Cunque Rapit Tempestas... Instrumental
03:24 Drub Instrumental
04:27 The Intractable Boy Instrumental
09:13 Between I And Thou Instrumental
09:46 And The Flowers They'll Bloom Instrumental
02:38 Brahms 3rd Movement 3rd Symphony Instrumental
The Artists
Jim Thomas Guitar, Production
Allen Whitman Bass, Production
Martyn Jones Drums, Production
John Karr Engineering, Mixing
Jeff Byrd Engineering Assistance
Adrienne Gulyassy Engineering Assistance
Tardon Feathered Executive Production, Mixing
Ken Lee Mastering
Dan Edman Photography
Julie Newdoll Back Cover Art "Conception"
Recorded at Mr. Toads S.F.

Mastered at Rocket Labs.

Front cover artist unknown.