Melodic Minor Shred Lines

Welcome back! In this lesson I will be showing you some shred lines using the melodic minor scale. If you are unfamiliar with the melodic minor scale, the formula is (1, 2, b3, 4, 5, 6, 7). You can also think of this scale as a major scale with a flat 3rd, or a Dorian scale with a natural 7th. You can apply these examples to any scale, but I chose to use the melodic minor for a different sound. Also, all of these examples are in Am, but be sure to move them to different keys.

Example 1 is just a 3 note per string pattern for the A melodic minor scale, in the 5th position. Be sure to learn the other positions for the scale as well.

MP3 - Melodic Minor Shred Lines - Example 1

Example 2 is a more stretched out pattern for the A melodic minor scale that moves up the neck. The pattern begins with the 7th degree of the scale, which is the G# and plays 4 notes on a string and then 3 notes. When there is 4 notes on a string, use your pinky to play the slide.

MP3 - Melodic Minor Shred Lines - Example 2

Now with Example 3 we have a cool shred type pattern in the A melodic minor scale that descends down the neck. The pattern in the first bar is similar to the pattern in the second bar for the first 2 beats and then it just descends down the neck. Be sure you alternate pick this whole example.

MP3 - Melodic Minor Shred Lines - Example 3

Example 4 is a string skipping line in the A melodic minor scale. For the entire first 2 bars, we are skipping the B string all together and then in the 3rd bar it skips the D string as well. You will notice that it is a 6 note pattern that ascends and descends through the scale. I alternate pick this whole example as well.

MP3 - Melodic Minor Shred Lines - Example 4



That is it for now! Be sure to make up your own examples, and don't forget to check out my latest CD, "Chameleon". For more info, visit

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