Marty Friedman "True Obsessions"

Marty Friedman "True Obsessions"

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Marty Friedman
True Obsessions
The Story
On "True Obsessions", Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman returns to Shrapnel with an offering of mostly instrumental songs (there are two vocal cuts) which showcase his love of exotic scales and his immediately identifiable sound. The CD has sonic similarities to Friedman's previous outings, "Introduction" and "Scenes", but a good deal more of his aggressive yet melodic guitar. His trademark Japanese and Arabian scales are featured, as well as songwriting that differs noticably from the Megadeth albums. A third, demo version of Freidman's "Thunder March" piece (recorded in August, 1987) shows off his compositional strengths almost ten years before he recorded the tracks that make up "True Obsessions".
The Music
04:33 Rio Instrumental
04:30 Espionage Instrumental
04:22 Last September Vocal
02:38 Rock Box Instrumental
03:48 The Yearning Instrumental
04:03 Live And Learn Vocal
06:22 Glowing Path Instrumental
05:57 Intoxicated Instrumental
05:29 Farewell Instrumental
03:52 Thunder March Instrumental
The Artists
Marty Friedman All Guitars, Synth String Lines, Production
Brian BecVar Piano, Keyboards
Nick Menza Drums
Gregg Bissonette Drums
Carmine Appice Drums
Alex Wilkinson Orchestral Instruments, Percussion
Tony Franklin Bass
Jimmy Haslip Bass
Stanley Rose Vocals
Tom Gattis Backing Vocals
Steve Fontano Production, Engineering, Mixing
Zach Blackstone Mixing
Mike Tacci Mixing
Ryan Dorn Engineering Assistance
Brian Kinkel Engineering Assistance
Billy Moss Engineering Assistance
Larry Jacobson Engineering Assistance
Michael Kaye Guitar Technician
Jimmy Amason Guitar Technician
Bruce Jacoby Drum Technician
Greg Calkins Drum Technician
Wally Traugott Mastering
Hideyo Fukuda Photography
Saki Furukawa Graphic Design
Dave Stephens Graphic Design
Recorded at Far Planet Studios, Van Nuys, CA; Jai Winding Studios, Santa Monica, CA; Vintage Recorders, Phoenix, AZ; Wilkinson Productions, Sun Valley, CA.

Mixed at Greenhouse Studios, Vancouver, B.C., Canada; Fat Planet Studios, Van Nuys, CA.

Recorded Nov. 6, 1995 to Feb. 14, 1996.

Mastered at Capitol Records.