Martone "Live In Your Face"


Live In Your Face
The Story
The Canadian group Martone is back on their second concert DVD, "Live In Your Face", this time rocking the Montreal Drum Festival in 2007, with group members Dave Martone (guitars), Daniel Adair (drums) and David Spidel (bass). Dynamic, Instrumental, progressive and aggressive are but only four words that describe the show, which features tracks from Dave Martone albums such as "Shut Up 'N Listen" and "Zone", as well as his latest Lion music releases "A Demon's Dream" and "When The Aliens Come". "Live In Your Face" captured the band as live as live gets. The audio is a 2 channel board mix with a 3 camera shoot. What you see is what you get for camera angles. Raw and unedited! Hope you enjoy an official bootleg of this concert.

Special DVD features include: PCM Stereo, Drum Solo, Two Slideshows, Spidel Beat Box, 5 Second Beer.

Additional Facts
The DVD includes the songs "Attack Of The Celery Crunchers", "Code Red", "Playing Between The Molecules Of Time", "Flatulation Farm", "Devil", "Really Now", "Got Da Blues", "The Goodie Squigge Song", "Dinky Pinky" and "Big Crunch".