Magnitude 9 "Decoding The Soul"

Magnitude 9 "Decoding The Soul"

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Magnitude 9
Decoding The Soul
The Story
Ohio native Rob Johnson is no stranger to the music scene. An established guitar player, with three solo albums to his credit, had generated quite a name for himself in the underground scene with his impressive style and technique. However, not content with just catering exclusively to the instrumental market, he set about putting a band together. And so in the spring of 1997, Magnitude 9 was born. A few years have passed and now Magnitude 9 have returned with a stellar new offering entitled "Decoding The Soul". Co-produced by Michael Vescera, (who sang for Obsession, Loudness and Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force), this time the band took a heavier approach to their rhythms without compromising Johnson's shredding guitar solos. "Decoding The Soul" also introduces new bassist Ian Ringlar into the fold after original member Kevin Chown left to join the national pop star, Uncle Kracker's band.
The Music
04:29 New Dimension Vocal
06:00 Lies Within The Truth Vocal
05:13 Facing The Unknown Vocal
05:26 To Find A Reason Vocal
04:48 Walk Through The Fire Vocal
04:02 Dead In Their Tracks Vocal
05:19 Changes Vocal
03:29 Torn Vocal
03:33 Thirty Days Of Night Vocal
03:30 Sands Of Time Vocal
The Artists
Rob Johnson Guitars, Production
Corey Brown Vocals, Production
Ian Ringler Bass, Production
Joseph Anasacio Glean Keyboards, Production
John Homan Drums, Production
Michael Vescera Production, Mixing
Gary Fulton Mastering
Joe Viers Engineering
Thomas Ewerhard Covers, Layout
Justin Homan Photography
Drums recorded at Schwab Studios, Columbus, Ohio.

Guitars, bass and keyboards recorded at 4thbedroom.

Vocals recorded at The Toy Room.

Mastered at Sonic House.