Loudness "On The Prowl"

Loudness "On The Prowl"

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On The Prowl
The Story
1991's "On The Prowl" was the last Loudness album to feature American vocalist Mike Vescera. Metal-Reviews.com writes about the release, "While listening to the opening track of this release one gets the impression that Loudness has moved towards overly mainstream, glam-like feel. However, that is only the case for one song - as everything else bumps along with sharp cuts, Mark Slaughter and Dave King (Fastway) like vocals, and a Dokken attack to the songwriting and playing. "Love Toys" is a nasty and cutting selection, and more sharp moments stand out in the driving rhythm of "Sleepless Nights" and the pleaser "Playing Games". "Take It or Leave It," "In the Mirror," and "Deadly Player" are all strong, with the last having good energy and angry vocals. A slow mesmerizing burn in "Find A Way" gives way to a nice pickup, as Loudness once again succeeds in giving a thoroughly solid metal offering."
The Music
04:36 Down 'N Dirty Vocal
03:47 Playing Games Vocal
04:02 Love Toys Vocal
05:01 Never Again Vocal
04:47 Deadly Player Vocal
04:31 Take It Or Leave It Vocal
04:20 Girl Vocal
04:15 Long Distance Vocal
03:34 In The Mirror Vocal
04:39 Sleepless Nights Vocal
07:31 Find A Way Vocal
The Artists
Akira Takasaki Guitar, Production
Mike Vescera Vocals, Production
Munetaka Higuchi Drums, Production
Masayoshi Yamashita Bass, Production
Jim Wilkas Keyboards
Nat Vescera Backing Vocals
Gary Vescera Backing Vocals
Chris Vescera Backing Vocals
Marty Earley Backing Vocals
Mike Dearnley Production, Engineering, Mixing
Jesse Henderson Engineering Assistance
Chris Rich Engineering Assistance
Charlie Paakkari Engineering Assistance
Bob Ludwig Mastering
George Azuma Supervision
Bob Defrin Art Direction
Jim Warren Illustration
William Hames Photography
Karen Dumont A&R
Tokugen Yamamoto Executive Production
Recorded at Long View Farm, North Brookfield, Massachusetts and Hollywood Sound, Los Angeles, California.

Mixed at Capitol Studios, Los Angeles, California.

Mastered at Masterdisk, New York, New York.

Stylist: Karen Dusenbery, hair: Tracy Pucci.