Liquid Tension Experiment "Liquid Tension Experiment"

Liquid Tension Experiment "Liquid Tension Experiment"

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Liquid Tension Experiment
Liquid Tension Experiment
The Story
"Liquid Tension Experiment" is the band name and the self-titled debut CD featuring Mike Portnoy (drums), Jordan Rudess (keyboards), Tony Levin (bass, stick) and Dream Theater's John Petrucci on guitar. The foursome composed and created a complex, yet vibrant, recording of instrumentals that showcase the amazing compositional and technical performance abilities of these noted players. "Liquid Tension Experiment" is also surprisingly varied in its moods, yet the progressive backing tracks leave room for plenty of improvisational soloing. The entire record was written and recorded in less than a week of magic, madness, stress and creativity. Petrucci fans will find this CD to be essential listening.
The Music
08:54 Paradigm Shift Instrumental
03:26 Osmosis Instrumental
06:29 Kindred Spirits Instrumental
02:00 The Stretch Instrumental
09:19 Freedom Of Speech Instrumental
02:21 Chris And Kevin's Excellent Adventure Instrumental
05:01 State Of Grace Instrumental
07:53 Universal Mind Instrumental
08:20 Three Minute Warning (Part 1) Instrumental
04:02 Three Minute Warning (Part 2) Instrumental
05:18 Three Minute Warning (Part 3) Instrumental
04:20 Three Minute Warning (Part 4) Instrumental
06:31 Three Minute Warning (Part 5) Instrumental
The Artists
John Petrucci Guitars, Production
Tony Levin Bass, Stick, NS Electric Upright Bass, Production
Mike Portnoy Drums, Production
Jordan Rudess Keyboards, Production
Paul Orofino Engineering
Kosaku Nakamura Engineering Assistance
Kevin "Caveman" Shirley Mixing
Rich Alvy Mixing Assistance
Leon Zervos Mastering
Bob Feather Photography
Paul La Raia Instrument Photography
All music written by Liquid Tension Experiment.

Engineered at Millbrook Sound Studios, Millbrook, New York, September, 1997.

Mixed at Avatar Studios, New York, New York, November, 1997.

Mastered at Absolute Audio, NYC.

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