Larry Carlton "Renegade Gentleman"

Larry Carlton "Renegade Gentleman"

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Larry Carlton
Renegade Gentleman
The Story
""Renegade Gentleman"," states Carlton, "is an album that had to be made. The mix of Southern rock and the Blues is exactly where my heart is today. I'm proud to bring my music to you in this new setting, and I am even more proud to introduce Terry McMillan (harmonica) to each of you. When you listen to the music on "Renegade Gentleman", enjoy the ride. Just sit back and be ready to rock and be moved" Recommended mostly due to Carlton's stretching out on the solo sections and his fresh approach to the blues/rock form.
The Music
04:32 Crazy Mama Vocal
05:05 R.C.M. Instrumental
04:20 Sleep Medicine Instrumental
06:03 Cold Day In Hell Vocal
04:32 Anthem Instrumental
04:48 Amen A.C Instrumental
06:54 Never Say Naw Vocal
05:26 Farm Jazz Instrumental
05:58 Nothin' Comes Instrumental
04:46 Bogner Instrumental
03:49 Red Hot Poker Instrumental
The Artists
Larry Carlton Guitar, Production, Arrangement, Vocals on "Crazy Mama" and "Never Say Naw"
Terry McMillan Harmonica, Percussion, Vocals on "Cold Day In Hell"
Chuck Leavele Keyboards
Michael Rhodes Bass
Chris Layton Drums
Matt Rollings Keyboards, Special Arranging Credit
John Ferraro Drums, Special Arranging Credit
Michael Verdick Vocal Production and Engineering on "Crazy Mama", Engineering
Steve Bailey Conception of Bass Parts on the L.A. Tracks
Dave Grusin Executive Production
Larry Rosen Executive Production
Dave Rouze Engineering
Kieren McClelland Engineering Assistance
Ross Hogarth Engineering, Mixing
John Kunz Engineering Assistance
Brett Swain Mixing Assistance
Joe Gastwirt Mastering
Michael Pollard GRP Production Coordination
Sharon Marshall Production Coordination, Business Managment
Sonny Mediana GRP Production Director
Karen Andrew Production Coordination
Michael Landy Post-Production
Joseph Doughney Post-Production
Adam Zelinka Post-Production
Michael Fitzgerald Concept, Art Direction
John Beach Design
Ron Slenzak Pricipal Photography
David Hawkins Additional Photography
Dana Allison Sylist
Andy Baltimore GRP Creative Direction
Tracks 2,3,5,8,10 & 11 recorded at Room 335, Hollywood, California, March 1991.

Tracks 1,4,6,7 & 9 recorded at Nightingale Studio, Nashville, Tennessee, April, 1991.

Vocal on "Crazy Mama" engineered at Monday To Sunday Studio, Burbank, California.

Overdubs recorded at Track Recorders and The Music Grinder.

Remixed at O'Henry Sound Studio.

Mastered at Ocean View Studio.

Post-production at The Review Room, NYC.