Larry Carlton "Instructional DVD For Guitar, Vol. 2"

Larry Carlton "Instructional DVD For Guitar, Vol. 2"


Larry Carlton
Instructional DVD For Guitar, Vol. 2
The Story
In Larry Carlton's "Instructional DVD For Guitar, Vol. 2", you'll discover the answers to the 'most asked questions' about how Larry Carlton achieves the soulful sound and memorable style that's so highly sought after in this revealing 45-minute session. Larry presents an in-depth look at how to solo and improvise using jazz, blues and bebop variations with accompaniment provided by Terry Trotter, notable keyboardist and Larry's longtime performance associate and friend. Discover how to utilize volume and dynamic range to produce everything from clean to distorted sounds, using nothing more than a volume pedal, touch, and technique. Learn Larry's approach to creating solos and converting them to full songs.

Larry also covers many vital performance tips and techniques, including playing over ballads, expanding phrases, creating chord melodies, using voice leading to create melodies, ear training and pitch, creating your own solo arrangements of classic popular songs, solos based on triads, variations on the blues, using space effectively, and interacting with other players to perform impromptu solos.

Whether you want to become a session player or enhance your performance skills, Larry Carlton gives you some insight to what it takes to create award-winning style with a lasting impression.

Special DVD features include: Booklet.

DVD Video, NTSC, Regions: 1

Additional Facts
Grammy Award winner Larry Carlton has set standards of excellence throughout his career. Besides being one of today's most influential jazz/rock guitarists, with several solo albums to his credit, Larry's work as an arranger, producer, co-writer and session player are equally as impressive. In 1981, Larry won a Grammy for Best Pop Instrumental Performance for his work with Mike Post on the theme to Hill Street Blues. Among his many other outstanding credits in film and television, Larry produced and performed on the Grammy-nominated motion picture score "Against All Odds". Larry's co-writing and musical arrangements with Barbara Streisand, Larry Gatlin, Bill Withers, the Crusaders and Steely Dan is yet one more side to this versatile artist.

But what Larry Carlton is best known for is his 'sure-fingered' playing style, which has graced thousands of recording sessions over the past decades. Larry has recorded with such artists as Diana Ross, Ray Charles, Linda Ronstadt, Neil DIamond, Gladys Knight, Quincy Jones, Joni Mitchell, Olivia Newton-John and Michael Jackson, to name a few! Larry is a leading exponent and founder of the 'LA Sound'.